Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Download Ubuntu Theme Pack for Windows 7


This Ubuntu Theme Pack for Windows 7 will completely change the look of  windows 7 to ubuntu.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Theme Windows 7: Mac Leopard OSX



Beautiful Mac looks theme for Windows seven designed by Alkhan.

How to Install Mac Leopard OSX theme for Windows 7.Steps given below


  1. Download Universal Theme Patcher and Extract it using Winrar. Download Here 
  2. Right Click to tcpz.exe (For 32-bit Windows) or tcpz64.exe (For 64-bit Windows) and “Run It As Administrator“ to install this theme Patcher an shown.
  3. After Installing the patch Restart The Computer.
  4. Copy the content of theme (.theme file and theme folder) into C:\Windows\Resources\Themes and double click .theme file.
  5. Download : Mac Leopard OSX theme for Windows 7


Info: Microsoft releases August 2010 Security Bulletin


Today Microsoft released August 2010 Security Bulletin, this Security Bulletin will fix 14 security bulletins, and 34 vulnerabilities. This update will fix Security Flaws and Errors in .NET Framework, Silverlight, Internet Explorer, Microsoft’s MPEG Layer-3 audio codecs, Microsoft Office and also includes Windows Kernel updates. Microsoft also released a Security Advisory with this update. This advisory addresses the potential for attacks that leverage the Windows Service Isolation feature to gain elevation of privilege. Microsoft is saying four of these updates to be high-priority deployments. The details of those four updates are:


  • MS10-052 This bulletin resolves a privately reported vulnerability in Microsoft’s MPEG Layer-3 audio codecs. The vulnerability could allow remote code execution if a user opens a specially crafted media file or receives specially crafted streaming content from a Web site. An attacker who successfully exploited this vulnerability could gain the same user rights as the logged-on user.
  • MS10-055 This bulletin resolves a privately reported vulnerability in Cinepak Codec, which is used by Windows Media Player to support the .avi audiovisual format. The vulnerability could allow remote code execution if a user opens a specially crafted media file, or receives specially crafted streaming content from a Web site. An attacker who successfully exploited this vulnerability could gain the same user rights as the logged-on user.
  • MS10-056 This bulletin resolves four privately reported vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office. The most severe vulnerabilities could allow remote code execution if a user opens or previews a specially crafted RTF e-mail message. An attacker who successfully exploited any of these vulnerabilities could gain the same user rights as the local user. Windows Vista and Windows 7 are less exploitable due to additional heap mitigation mechanisms in those operating systems.
  • MS10-060 This bulletin resolves two privately reported vulnerabilities, both of which could allow remote code execution, in Microsoft .NET Framework and Microsoft Silverlight.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Download Microsoft Security Essentials 2.0 Beta with Improved Protection


Microsoft announced the launch of next version of Microsoft Security Essentials in beta. This free anti-malware service was first released in September 2009. Due to its low resource usage and discrete interface, it has become a must-have for all Windows users. This new version includes more protection against network based threats.

What’s New in MS Security Essentials 2.0 Beta

Windows firewall integration – It includes the option to turn Windows firewall on or off during installation.

Better protection against web based threats – It integrates with Internet Explorer to provide better security against different web based threats.

New protection engine - It has an updated malware engine that offers better threat detection and cleanup.

Network inspection system – It provides protection against network based exploits. It prevents malicious scripts from running. Unfortunately, this feature does not work on Windows XP. Since this feature requires Windows Filtering Platform (WFP), only Windows Vista and Windows 7 users can access it.

The new Microsoft Security Essentials beta is available only for genuine Windows users on a first come first served basis until maximum number of participants is achieved. According to Microsoft, it is only available to customers in the US, Israel, Brazil and China.

Download MS Security Essentials 2.0 Beta

To download the new beta version, visit Microsoft Connect. You need to register and log in into the site to start download. Select the appropriate version for you and click the “Download” button. Start enjoying better security!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Protect Your Folder with Free Hide Folder 2.5


Free Hide Folder is a free computer security software to hide your private folders. It is very useful to keep your personal data away from others. Others will not know where your personal files exist and they will not be able to accidentally view them. You can hide folders simply with a few mouse clicks. Free Hide Folder is protected by a password that you can change or remove at any time.


Why do you need Free Hide Folder?

Most people have many files or folders on their computer which they do not want to others see or use them. If you are interested in protecting your personal information, Free Hide Folder is just what you are searching for. With Free Hide Folder you will protect your files avoiding them to be being modified, seen or erased by other users.

Download Here!

Monday, July 19, 2010

7 Most Popular Free CD/DVD Burning Programs


While physical media such as CDs and DVDs has largely been replaced by thumb drives and external hard drives, there are still times when a good-old-fashioned disc comes in handy. For instance, maybe you want to share your vacation pictures with Grandma Lucy, or perhaps you’d like to make a video presentation for your parents’ 25th wedding anniversary. If so, you’ll need a good CD/DVD burning program to produce your disc.

Here’s a run down of 7 popular programs that can make this task easier.

1. ImgBurn (Free, Window) ImgBurn has several different ‘modes’ which allow you to perform a number of tasks. You can read, build, write and verify a CD as well as use the Discovery mode, which helps you create a perfectly seamless CD. What’s more, ImgBurn supports a variety of image file formats so that most people can use the software.

2. CDBurnerXP Pro 4 (Free, Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista) This program is excellent for creating music CDs, in either audio or data (MP3, AAC, etc.) format. It has a good, user-friendly interface, and it allows you to create audio CDs from many file formats, including WAV, WMA, MP3, and OGG. CDBurnerXP also includes an integrated audio player, which is convenient for playing your music before or after burning disc.

3. Burn (Free, Mac OS X) Burn, arguably the most famous CD and DVD burning software for Mac that’s free, allows you burn virtually any type of CD or DVD. It can burn data discs, audio CDs, and video CD or DVD discs. Burn can also copy or write disk images such as those in the .dmg, and .iso formats. A bonus feature provides the ability to personalize your DVD videos interactive menus and themes.

4. InfraRecorder (Free, Windows) This free, open-source burning application covers almost all of your CD and DVD needs. It supports the burning of disc images, creating video DVDs, copying discs, and quickly making audio CDs. It can even erase discs! InfraRecorder is very light and quick, and it’s extremely portable, which means you can take it with you on your thumb drive wherever you go.

5. Explore&Burn (Free, Windows) Explore&Burn is a great program for users that want ease and simplicity. Extremely lightweight, Explore&Burn is a no frills program which allows you to burn files by simply right clicking on the files you want to burn and selecting from the drop down menu. Explore&Burn is capable of creating video and data discs without trouble and can also create a multi session CD. What’s more, it comes in a variety of languages so you’ll always find the software easy to understand.

6. FinalBurner (Free, Windows) FinalBurner is among the best of the free burning programs out there. It gives you the ability to create audio, video, and data discs. It can burn DVD+R/RW, CD R/RW, DVD-R/RW, and DVD DL discs. It can also extract songs from audio CDs and save them as .wav, .mp3, . mid, .acc, .wma, .mp4, and many other formats. FinalBurner also supports burning an ISO image of a disc.

7. StarBurn Free (Free, Windows) This program from RocketDivision supports a large variety of hardware including DVD, CD, Blu-Ray and HD-DVD players. StarBurn includes step-by-step wizards for extracting, copying and burning discs. The interface is extremely easy to use. Key features include extracting individual tracks from DVDs, saving backups of DVD/CD/Blu-Ray/HD-DVD discs in 1:1 mode, and ripping sound tracks from audio CDs.

As you can see, there are plenty of programs out there to simplify the task of producing CDs and DVDs. Perhaps one of those listed above will suit your needs.

Friday, July 2, 2010

8 Free Virtual Desktop Softwares for Windows


Linux users enjoy multiple desktop feature, but this feature is not available in Windows. so there are only two available options for Windows users to get Multiple Desktop Feature. Either to switch to Linux or use third party softwares. Many paid Virtual Desktop Softwares are available which offers you the feature of Multiple Desktops. but why to pay if you can get this feature for Free. I have gathered a list of 8 Free Virtual Desktop Softwares for Windows. Try them, if you are looking for Free Virtual Desktop Softwares.


1) Dexpot:
Dexpot turns your monitor into up to 20. Dexpot creates additional workspaces you can quickly switch between. Take, for example, Desktop 1 to listen to your favourite music, surf the web on Desktop 2, use Desktop 3 to handle your daily word processing or switch to Desktop 4 for a game of Solitaire.
Different icons, wallpapers, start-ups, and much more can be configured for each desktop.
Users owning netbooks, tablets and UMPC with small screens and low resolutions will benefit from virtual desktops as well.


2) Virtual Desktop Manager:
This virtual desktop program takes advantage of this new API and uses some tricks of its own to provide a powerful virtual desktop manager with a full screen thumbnail based preview. You can have as many desktops as you want and can seamlessly switch between them.


3) VirtuaWin:
VirtuaWin is a virtual desktop manager for the Windows operating system (Win9x/ME/NT/Win2K/XP/Win2003/Vista). A virtual desktop manager lets you organize applications over several virtual desktops (also called ‘workspaces’). Virtual desktops are very common in Unix/Linux, and once you get accustomed to using them, they become an essential part of a productive workflow.


4) 360desktop:
360desktop transforms your standard Windows desktop into a 360-degree panoramic workspace, giving you many times more desktop space. 360desktop also lets users make desktop widgets from favorite pieces of the Web and create and share 360-degree interactive wallpaper. 360desktop makes your desktop a more functional place with a 360-degree panoramic view. Always have the latest news, dynamic information, video content, family photos or anything else you like at your fingertips.


5) T3Desk:
T3Desk lets you manage your applications more easily in a 3D desktop adding the third dimension to your Windows screen.
“3Dmized” windows will appear in three dimensions and transparent on your screen and have the ability to be flipped, zoomed, moved, swiveled in almost anyway you want. T3Desk is lightweight on your resources, unlike most applications of its kind.


6) SDesk:
SDesk (Scrollable Desktop) is not a multidesktop application. Instead, it simulates a single, giant desktop up to 32,000×32,000 pixels. An infinite number of desktop regions can be created and made visible by menu, keyboard shortcuts, or even by following the mouse cursor. The features include scrolling the visible portion of the desktop, moving desktop windows, tiling desktop windows, creating new desktop regions, starting the screensaver, locking a workstation, and making any window a top window. The actions can be put into the SDesk menu, assigned to keyboard hot keys, or assigned to a mouse movement.


7) Microdesk:
This program creates 99 virtual deskops that make working with a big number of open windows and applications more easier. Whenever your desktop gets full of applications and windows just change your current desktop and you get a clean new desktop.


8). VividDesktop:
Are you running out of desktop space. Are you constantly closing down programs that you really need running in order to make space. Do you want to be able to manage multiple desktops like you can on Linux. Well with VividDesktop you have the key to solving all these problems. With this easy-to-use program, you can run virtual desktops on one computer. They are all hot-keyed or easily available from the systray icon. VividDesktop allows you to create multiple virtual desktops within Windows. This means you can have different programs running under different desktops and switch between them with ease.

Download Mozilla Firefox 4.0 Beta 1


Mozilla Firefox 4.0 Beta 1 Available for Download on Mozilla website but Mozilla has not posted detailed release notes yet, still there is no official announcement from Mozilla. Mike Beltzner, who is in charge of Firefox at Mozilla, said in the Firefox group discussion that “We’re still a ways off from builds. I’m watching the tree, but we’re about an hour out from seeing Windows results.”

This is an initial release of Firefox 4.0 Beta 1 that’s why it shouldn’t be used as primary browser. There are still some issues in Firefox like rendering problems in the menu bar on Windows Vista, D2D hardware acceleration is still disabled by default etc.


Firefox’s JavaScript performance is good but Google Chrome’s JavaScript performance is best. Firefox 4.0 Beta 1 JavaScript performance is much better than Firefox 3.6.6, but the goal to hit 500 ms may be still a few weeks away.


Download Here!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Connect with anyone, anitime with ooVoo


With ooVoo, you can connect with anyone, anytime, with video calls, video messages, phone calls, text and more. Use ooVoo to get face time with people you can't meet in person (and save travel time and money!). ooVoo makes life easier and more fun.


  • 2-way video calls.
  • Record and send 1 minute video messages.
  • Create 1 video chat room to embed on a website.
  • Friends without ooVoo can join a call with you from their browser.
  • 6-way text chat.
  • Send files up to 5MB at a time.

Download Here!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Download Windows 7 Key Finder 1.0.0

Windows 7 Key Finder is a free software to find your Windows Windows 7 Product key. Whether your Windows 7 version is the Home version or the Ultimate, Windows 7 Key Finder will find the Windows 7 product key that you need or that you lost.

Do you need a Windows 7 product key right away? Time is running and you still did not find your Windows 7 product key?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Download Free PDF Reader 1.1


Free PDF Reader is a free windows application for reading and viewing pdf documents. Free PDF Reader supports multi view mode, page rotation, text copy, page snapshot, PDF printing and several advanced features.



  • PDF Print - Free PDF Reader supports pdf document printing feature, you can print your pdf documents out to make a real book.
  • PDF Multi View Mode - Free PDF Reader supports Fit Width, Fit Height, Actual Size, Multipage and Single Page views.
  • PDF Page Rotation - With PDF Page Rotation feature, you can rotate your pdf documents for better reading by Free PDF Reader.
  • PDF Text Copy - Free PDF Reader can copy your selected text to clipboard, then you can use the text anywhere.
  • PDF Snapshot - Free PDF Reader supports snapshot on pdf documents so that you can capture the book pages fast and easily.

Download Here!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Download Finance Explorer 4.2.0



Metalogic Finance Explorer is an easy to use personal finance software that packs enough features for those of us that don´t need the overload of features that the big commercial packages offer. It´s small yet powerful.



  • Price: Completely free!
  • Real time: Update your stock quotes directly from the web.
  • Easy to use: Visit our online tutorial. Interface: A familiar and easy to use Windows
  • Explorer-like user interface.
  • Import transactions: Download them from your bank and import them directly into MLFE. No need to manually enter them. This will save you time and avoid mistakes. All popular formats are supported: Microsoft Money (OFX) and Intuit Quicken (both QFX and QIF).
  • Budgeting: Set some financial goals and let our budget feature help you achieve them. At the same time get fine control over your spending. By sticking to your budget you will be able to achieve your goals faster, whether it´s paying your debt or saving for something.
  • Accounts: Supports several types of accounts including bank, cash, credit, etc. Can handle an unlimited number of them.
  • Stock tracking: Keep track of your stocks.
  • Categorization: Put all your transactions into categories so you can get a better overview of all your expenditures and income.
  • Net worth: Get a complete view of your finances at a glance.
  • Loans: Record all your loans and track your progress as you make payments.
  • Printing: Keep a hardcopy of your information.
  • NEW Export: Use your data from other applications. NEW

Download Here!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Download Easy YouTube Downloader 1.20


Easy YouTube Downloader is an easy to use free program for downloading videos from YouTube and 15 other video sharing websites, and converting them to 14 popular audio and video formats, including iPhone, iPod, PSP, cell phone, AVI, MP3, etc.


Using this program is as easy as entering the YouTube URL, selecting the file format and file name to save, and clicking Start Download! You can also set the video quality to Normal or High Quality (if a High Quality version is available at YouTube).


The program can convert the downloaded video to the following file formats: 3G2, 3GP, ASF, AVI, FLV, MOV, MP3, MP4, MPEG, OGG, RM, SWF, VOB, WAV.


Download Here!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Download Tweak Me! 1.0.4



Tweak Me! Is a new unique Windows Tweaking Application which supports Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Never has it been so easy to tweak the most used versions of Microsoft Windows using just one application. Tweak Me! has a modern user friendly GUI which makes it extremely easy for you to manage the most important tweaks which save you a lot of time when setting up Windows.


Compared to other tweaking utilities, Tweak Me! contains mostly tweaks which don´t just represent settings you can change using the ordinary Windows GUI. Tweak Me! also differs between the operating system you use and just offers you the tweaks which are supported by your current system.


What’s New in version 1.0.4:

  • Tweaks: Fixed some typos
  • Bugfix: Fixed language detection for english systems
  • Bugfix: Introduced with the recommendations in v1.0.3 there were multiple errors when applying tweak

Download Here

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Specification Apple iPad


Apple announced it’s new device called iPad, that runs iPhone OS.It’s features include ebooks, newspapers, magazines, textbooks, photos, games and much more.iPad WiFi is expected to be released on March 2010 and WiFi + 3G on April 2010.iPad Technical Specifications are:

Monday, January 25, 2010

Download Free Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2


Beta 2 of Visual Studio 2010 is available for Free download from Microsoft. This new release includes a variety of new features and design tools. Now you can develop and deploy before the finished product hits the shelf.

The all-new 2010 product line-up delivers a satisfying combo of software, support, and collaborative tools designed to fuel your creative streak and live up to your standards.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 is available in 3 editions:

  • Ultimate Edition
  • Premium Edition
  • Professional Edition

You can either download them as a Web Installer or as ISO (DVD-5).

Download Link | Link 2

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Reset Windows Password Lite Edition


Reset Windows Password - the best professional program to reset, change or recover passwords for all types of user accounts Windows. Utility supports all versions of Windows, working with local and domain accounts, almost instantly recovers passwords for the accounts, moreover.
Reset Windows Password is required when they lose an administrator password, if forgotten password to log on Windows, it is not possible to activate your account. The program is loaded from a bootable CD or USB drive. The application interface is made in the form of the wizard. Therefore, the process of operation does not seem difficult, even inexperienced users.
Unlike other similar utilities, Reset Windows Password - the only program that works correctly with all types of user accounts Windows.

Install Windows 7 From Bootable USB (Win7 USB DVD Tool + Instructions)

It surprised me to find that there are very few dead-simple guides to creating a bootable USB thumb/pen/flash drive for a Vista and/or Windows 7 installation. I cobbled together the following from VistaPCGuy and another source I don¡¯t remember right now.
This will walk through the steps to create a bootable USB flash drive for the purpose of installing a Vista or Windows 7 OS. These instructions assume that you have a computer with Windows Vista installed on it.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Convert File to PDF documents online Free with Primo


If you ever have a file at hand to be converted to PDF and do not have any appropriate software for performing this task, do not worry. You will need one thing i.e an active internet connection, and your task will be performed free of cost by PrimoOnline.


By clicking Here you will reach this online utility page. It is very simple to use and will not take much of your time. You have to provide the file to be converted, selecting from URl link if the file is present on an online storage or you can upload your own file to Primo. Then you must provide a destination Email address so that primo can deliver you the converted document. As you finish with these thing you are ready to go, press the convert button and sit back.


As soon as the conversion is over the main screen changes with a success message.

This online utility allows you to upload upto 10MB file size. and supports a large number of file types like microsoft word, Excel, PowerPoint, major graphics formats etc. To see all supported file formats.

The service provided is very fast, you will instantly receive the converted Document in your Email. The quality provided is remarkable.


Visit: Primo Online

Saturday, January 2, 2010

How to see all User Profiles on Windows PC



Windows operating system allows you to create user profile for each person using same PC. Multiple user profile allows privacy and ability to access files only through specific user profile login. User Profiles View is a handy portable utility to view list of all user profiles created and being used on your Windows computer.

View List of User profiles on Windows PC

1. Download User Profiles View utility.
2. Unzip & double click file to launch the utility.
3. Utility window will show list of all current users on the PC.


It also display additional information for each user including: Profile Path, Last Load Time, Registry File Size, User SID etc. It is portable utility and does not require install. Works with all Windows including 7, Vista and XP.