Thursday, October 8, 2009

Download AI RoboForm 6.9.97



AI RoboForm is an administrator password and click popalvach a web forms very seriously with intelligent functions. Then automatically save passwords used in the login form, the browser automatically loads fill username and password into the login form, press the button to connect your seat, fill out forms personal data online and offline passwords, notes can store generates random passwords and security, you can encrypt passwords and personal data using 3-DES. All data are stored only on your computer. Take AI RoboForm 6.9.97 with you on a USB hard drive for maximum comfort and mobility. Sync your passwords and is using a Palm or Pocket PC. Backup, restore, and printing of passwords, and many other features. AI RoboForm 6.9.97 can form a group to integrate with all popular browsers, and for now the sole exception of Opera.


AI RoboForm 6.9.97 is a small utility that helps you fill out those endless forms that will come through your browser every day. From now on you will not be asked your name, e-mails or other information manually. AI RoboForm 6.9.97, it will work for you.
You simply click on the browser and AI RoboForm 6.9.97 starts in the form fill automatically. AI RoboForm 6.9.97 analyze the content of web pages to know which fields to fill.


Download Here!

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