Monday, November 9, 2009

Change MP3 Bitrate without losing ID3 tags


We often need to change the bitrate of mp3 songs in order to reduce their actual file size. These small sized songs (but of original length) saves your disk space and can be played on mobile phones or on your cars stereo system.

MP3 Quality Modifier is a free and small utility to change the bitrate of MP3 music collection easily. The best feature of this tool is that, all the ID3 tags (title, album pictures etc.) are completely retained without any effort!

Key Features:
  • Drag & Drop files
  • Batch conversion
  • Retains all ID3 tags with ease
  • Advanced options: detailed bitrate settings, sample frequency etc.
  • Multilingual (6 languages)
  • Portable, no installation required
Download Here

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